What color/style granite countertops should I choose?

Lennon Granite Countertop and IslandIt’s a question every homeowner looking for granite countertops ultimately asks, what color granite countertop is best? The answer is dependent on several factors. What overall styles and elements are around the countertop? Are you looking for a dramatic statement or a subtle blend to your current elements? Where is the granite being installed? Do current market trends and styles factor in to your decision?

Sometimes it is easier to start with the space the granite countertops are going to be installed. Bathroom or kitchen? Outdoor countertops or indoor? Evaluate the space, and ask yourself what is missing from it now. Is it a large space or cramped? Traditional or modern? Once these questions are answered, you can evaluate the different color families of granite countertops and decide which is right for your granite install. Remember, Tradewinds offers free granite estimates, and can help you with your granite choice.

White Speckled Granites and White Veined Granites

Several color options exist within the white speckled and white veined granite family. Many of the white speckled granites are soft and muted with just a hint of variance throughout, making them a perfect balance to wood tone cabinets and other traditional kitchen styles. Need something a little bolder? Find a white veined granite with bolder lines running through it to kick up a kitchen that is a little too muted with a plain white countertop.

Warm Granites

Warm colored granites, both speckled and veined, are some of the most popular granite installs, but this is mostly due to their lower prices and easy procurement. Many builders use speckled warm granites to complement both modern and traditional styles. While they are a widely accepted standard granite, many consumers would pick more unique or more muted granites over these run-of-the-mill choices.

Dark Granites

A bold accent that can be vastly beautiful, dark granite countertops can add the perfect statement in a traditional or modern kitchen setting. Be careful not to rely on the dark granite countertops to be your only statement piece; make sure you tie them in to light cabinetry by dark cabinet pull accents or dark appliances. Make sure you weigh the look you are going for against the space in question – too much dark in a cramped space will add to a claustrophobic feel. Save dark granite accents for large kitchen areas or use in a single part – like a dark island granite countertop with surrounding countertops installed in a lighter granite.

In any situation, try to take home a large sample of the granite you are looking at and set it in the space it will be installed it. Many granite color options look entirely different inside under soft white light bulbs versus the bright daylight of the granite yard. You can also take tile samples and colors/curtains from your kitchen and bring them to the granite yard to see how it complements.

Are there any other options?

Not finding the perfect granite color for your kitchen or bath? Remember, there are other custom countertop choices. Think about concrete countertops – a growing segment of high end countertops with vast color choices to match any tile or motif, custom made for the space. Some colors and styles can even mimic or surpass granite countertops. Take a look at some of our concrete countertop ideasContact us today!

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